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#maac2016 -- Powered by Reebok, Pure Strength, and 12 Labours -- Photo by @metconphotos, @tairandall, and @supercleary Please tag @maachallenge if you post online

Get your teams photo coverage here.  Click "Buy Now" above to order your team's coverage. 

1st 20 teams to order receive their entire team's photo coverage for just $125  - Teams beyond that pay $150/team ** plus $3.93 transaction fee.

Team athletes will wear a wrist bracelet to alert photographers.  Your team captain will pick this up on Saturday morning. 

After the event you will be able to review all  photographs taken of your team so you can select 20 images for editing and delivery. 

Your photo package  includes 2 photobooth images

All images will be 4MP digital downloads (retail price $800) - Any additional images you want to purchase will be discounted  ($10/each, retail $40).  

Individual photo packages are $50 per person (plus $1.45 processing fee) and include 5 photos of your choice (retail price $200), with a discounted rate for images after the first 5 ($10/each, retail $40). 

Note you are not guaranteed to receive photos of every heat from every event.

Photo coverage is provided by Chris Nolan, Tai Randal, and Shaun Cleary

No other promotions will be offered for MAAC 2017 so preorder your teams coverage now!  There are no refunds for any reason.  Can not be used for commercial purposes.